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Tabuelan: The Hidden Eco-Tourism Destination in Cebu

March 20, 2019
Tabuelan is in the northwestern side of the province of Cebu and used to be one of the biggest Barangay in Tuburan Cebu. But they formally called themselves Municipality of Tabuelan in the year 1953. The town of Tabuelan is in the remote area in the province and one of the youngest Municipality in Cebu.
This town has a lot to offer based on eco-tourism standard. One reason that I chose this town to be my thesis study is because of Maravilla Beach. To be able to help the place where my grandfather thought my sister and me how to show kindness.

Tabuelan Plaza


Tabuelan: Kantakuyan Fresh Spring Water

Kantakuyan Fresh Spring Water

Honestly, it shocked me that during our thesis study there are a lot of potential eco-tourism sites in the area. They have a lot to offer! The number one in our lists is Maravilla Beach as it is the longest strip beach in Tabuelan. But on your way to Maravilla, you’ll find some beach resorts near the proper town of Tabuelan. They have the fresh spring in Kantakuyan were Tabuelanons used to fetch water during the old days. People still go here for swimming and sometimes wash their clothes but its a clean, clear water. My group recommended the floating restaurant, and I’m happy to see it works out and the food is tasty. It is not as extensive as Bohol, but it’s good to experience it in Tabuelan. 

Tabuelan Floating Restaurant

Tabuelan Floating Restaurant

There are two sites that I couldn’t wait to see it done the fresh fish pond it’s an agricultural site. It is near Barangay Pajo and the cave in Barangay Kanluhangon. My group tried to get in there, but we’re not geared up and not professional to do more heavy research about that site. I have to make sure my group is safe and can return them safely to their families. I guess, if professional people will check that area and it is more reliable now to go there compared when we used to do our research then it would be great.

The Maravilla Beach is a long strip white sand beach located in Barangay MaravillaThere are some choices for accommodation now if you plan to stay there. You can also bring your tent and or stay in a tent and pay for them. However, it won’t be cheap as I looked at it before it cost 600 pesos each while bringing your own will only cost you P 100.
Maravilla Beach

The right side area facing the beach of Maravilla Beach is where the Sun Set White Sand Beach Resort located

 Do you know that you can also choose to visit Maravilla as a day trip only?
If you choose this case, Sunrise Beach Resort is a perfect place for you. It is one of the most significant beach resort areas in Maravilla where they have more parking space. This resort caters for day trips and tent only. They have cottages you can rent during your visit. They make it look the same for the Bahay Kubo but two collectors. There are two bathrooms available on site.
Maravilla Beach

Enjoying the Sunset at Maravilla Beach

Why choose Sun Set White Sand Beach Resort?
  • The resort is relaxing because of a more extensive space and more significant area compared to the other resorts in the area.
  • They have ample parking within their property.
  • The only resort you can rest under the palm trees and feel the breeze of the ocean while breathing fresh air.
  • Guests who will choose to book here have a broader space to look around.
  • The owners of this resort continue to spread the kindness that their parents thought them. By letting other local vendors sell some goods inside their property. If you like to contribute and give livelihood to the locals in the area booking here makes you help them too.
  • They also offer a tent space here. You’ll enjoy and love it here.

Street Tarp For Sun Set White Sand Resort

How much they charge?
  • Cottage prices vary in size, but in general, it cost P 800 if big 1, 000
  • There are two bathrooms if you poop and or pee it cost P 5.00
  • For taking a shower, it will cost P 10. 00
  • Parking Fee is P 20.00
  • Tent Space Fee is P 100.00
Maravilla Resort

Sun Set White Sand Beach Resort

How to get there?
Visitors from other Country and State were coming from the North road.
  • Can travel to Cebu by plane or boat and head to North Bus Terminal.
  • They can choose to ride a bus, van, rental car or hire a grab taxi that will transport them to Maravilla.
  • If they choose this route, there is a Meme bus that goes to Maravilla while the Ceres Bus or other public transportation needs to stop at the open market to catch a motorbike. For v- hire if you have more passengers you might be able to ask the driver to drop you off to Maravilla directly, but you have to pay more than the regular fee.
  • If you are renting a private car and taking the North road route, be careful the spot in Logo where you need to turn to Tabuelan or else you wouldn’t notice it and will reach Bogo. Lol, You have to turn left from there and continue to go straight until you are in Tabuelan. When you reach the crossing, you have to turn right until you reach Maravilla.
Visitors are coming from the city using Trans Central road.
  • Visitors from the city who likes to visit the area or this road will make sense for them they can take Trans Central road to connect to Balamban. From Balamban you have to ask for the way going to Asturias, Tuburan, Tabuelan. I recommend getting a driver who knows the road to be safe in driving the area and take precautions.
Visitors were coming from Negros who dock in Tabuelan.
  • If you have your vehicle, you can go to Maravilla from the pier. Drive straight from the dock until you pass a public market or the bus terminal. Continue to go straight until you reach a crossing. From there you have to turn left going to Maravilla continue driving until you enter the town.
  • If you are taking public transportation, I’m very sure motorbike drivers would be happy to transport you to Maravilla. If not they can drop you off at the Public Market and you can hire another one.
Visitors are coming from the South.
  • Can be tricky if you have to commute. But trusts me, my sister and I traveled it ourselves during high school days, and we manage to get back home. So I’m sure you will handle the same.
  • You can ride a bus going to Tuburan, and from there you can ride a Bus going to Tabuelan. Ask the driver to let you go down in Tabuelan and from there ride a motorbike going to Maravilla.
  • If there is no bus when you arrive in Tuburan hire a motorbike that will transport you to Tabuelan. For sure the driver will allow to carry you to Maravilla.
Visitors are coming from Bogo, Bantayan, Malapascua, and San Remigio.

Is it possible to visit Tabuelan from here? My answer is yes. Maravilla Tabuelan is the boundary to San Remegio, and one of their mountains is the boundary between Tabuelan and Bogo. You wouldn’t have a problem visiting Maravilla as it is very near to these towns mentioned above. From the islands follow the sign to Bogo and instead of going towards the city or Sogod turn to the right side where it takes you to San Remegio keep going straight it connects to Maravilla.

Note: For those who commute and need to ride a motorbike from Public Market to Maravilla. It will take them 15-25 minutes without traffic but it won’t be a problem as the road going there is very wide and new. It is a smooth ride.
Fares will vary based on the company and especially for private car rental or hiring a grab taxi. It depends on your ability to haggle the price. Prices below are my experienced, and some of the costs of the private rental vary.
Fare Prices:
  • Van rental costs me about P 5, 000- P 7, 000 pesos.
  • Car rental costs me around P 3, 000- P 4, 000
  • If you have a family or relatives, who are kind enough to go together. It would be best if you fueled it two times, and I spent around P 3, 000 for fuel then gave my cousin P 1, 000. But take note this price we did a lot of driving around Maravilla to Tabuelan.
  • Ceres aircon and non-aircon- P 113
  • Meme bus- P 75
  • V-hire- P 120
  • Motorbike fee- P 40
Things to remember:
  • If you need medicine make sure you bring them if you need anything most people drive to Tuburan or Bogo to buy something if it’s not in Tabuelan.
  • The internet is only in the proper town of Tabuelan, and the telephone signal can be hard to make sure to bring Sun Cellular, Smart and or Talk n Text. Globe networks work in the proper of Tabuelan. If not you can always catch up free internet in their Public market.
  • Leave nothing but footprints.
  • Please don’t litter and leave your plastic bottles anywhere.
  • Please bring trash bags to carry your plastic trash back home if it’s possible. They don’t have proper garbage disposal yet. If you enjoy and care about our environment and want to enjoy the natural resources in this area, I beg to do so.
  • Have fun and please help take care of the area, so our future generation still has something to enjoy.

Disclaimer: This is a voluntary post, and it’s all based on my knowledge in the area if you have any questions you can contact them directly.



April Key Rode
New York, USA

April Key Rode is a Bachelor graduate of Hospitality and Tourism Management. One of the researchers in Tabuelan "As An Eco-Tourism Destination." She loves to do research, writing, cross-stitching and dancing. Her favorite sports are badminton, biking, soccer, basketball, and bowling. She is a mother of two, and she loves traveling with her own family and friends.