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What Have We Learned During Covid Season? Are There Any Lessons?

February 5, 2021
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What have we learned during Covid season? I know 2020 is a hard year for all of us. Not only to ourselves, our family, our community, and society but also to the whole world.  It’s been a tough year for all of us, and a lot has changed for this instance. But despite all of the changes we have to make and sacrifices to protect ourselves and our loved ones, there’s a positive outcome from it.


In the beginning, it worries me, and it drives me nuts. The year 2020 is supposed to be the year that I can rest. I’ve wanted to have a break and be able to breathe for a bit, but I think it’s my path that God been wanted me to follow. It gets to the point that I have to reach out to my Psychologist friend that I know from Twitter and asked her for help to know how I am doing to let this baggage out and move forward and know if I am on the right path. Gladly, she’s able to let me sneak in with her schedule and able to help me process some of the past experiences I encountered during my childhood days and in my married life.

I learned to spend more time with myself by doing what’s is best for me and what I love to do as a human being. It’s been many years since I’ve spent so much time taking care of others and not doing much with myself. In the year 2020, I did that! It is not how I planned it as I mostly have them here all day, and it can be loud sometimes. I find time alone in our room without hearing the kid’s loud noises and fighting.

I was able to embrace it, and of course, with prayers and trust in God, I was able to handle and manage 2020.

Self Care During Covid 19

Close Family Ties

Since I am a stay-at-home parent, we honestly have a lot of family time than other families. We mostly watched family movies every night and sometimes stayed up until so late since the kids are mostly staying home. We get to sit and eat as a family at the table most of the time now than before COVID-19 happens.

We mostly wait for Nate to arrive home and drive Keira to her extracurricular activities. Since the pandemic started, Keira’s activities are mostly virtual. It saves us travel time away from the boys.

Teaching Values To Our Children

An abiding citizen here on earth and to God, we are expected to follow our leaders’ rules and laws. As parents of children, we are the role model for our young ones. We must show respect to one another by complying with the rules and laws set by our leaders.

It teaches us to respect one another, but it also teaches us to empathize and be compassionate to others.

This pandemic teaches us to be obedient, kind, gentle, compassionate, respectful, empathize with others, and care for each other.


We Strengthen Our Relationship To God

I learned to pray a lot since the pandemic started. Nate will tell me you are my nun wife! Lol. As I remember in my life, I never prayed this much since then. I spent a lot of time knowing God and learning what is in the bible. Learning the past and the future of the Old Testament and New Testament. Through the year, we learned to cling more to God and pray harder for everyone’s safety.

In spending more time knowing the bible and listening to God more during this pandemic. I got to know more myself and learned all the gifts God gave me. A gift that I ignored when I was younger. He revealed a gift since I was little, but I didn’t listen to him enough. Here is a link to some Series Of Events That I Am Grateful And Thankful For My Life.

I’ve got to learn my purpose in this world by following God’s steps and to continue doing the right thing as he wants us to do. To help him preach his words to others as he all cares for us.

I’m able to spend more time with the kids and introduce God more into their lives. They both learned to pray and know that there is an invisible God. We might not be able to see him physically in our day-to-day life, but he is always there guiding us every step of the way.

The kid’s behavior during COVID season and their relationship with God strengthens too. I noticed they are more interested in knowing more about him and praying more to other kids worldwide, especially those who are poor and struggling.

We Strengthen Our Relationship To God

Having Each Other Is The Most Important Part

A lot is taken from us during this COID-19, but the most important part is having each other despite the pandemic. So many changes in our day-to-day life that even us adults are struggling to accept the change. How much more for our young ones?


Teaching Empathy And Caring To Others In Need

As too many people were struggling and were not rich here. I was able to talk to my children and teach them how to give still to others who are struggling despite us having enough for ourselves. They both learned to set aside some wants and share some of their Christmas presents with the poor.  I am a proud mama in this one.

Not all children learn this at a young age, especially kids like them. We parents have to instill these values in our children as young as they are. I believed that when we care for others and share our blessings with others, no matter how small it is, God will give us back a thousandfold.

God keeps mentioning in the bible that everything you give to the poor is like thanksgiving to me.

Every Profession Has Their Own Purpose

Every Profession Has Their Own Purpose

At the beginning of the pandemic, many of us started to degrade our artists in every kind. It may be musicians, songwriters, actors, and actresses who don’t deserve the fame they received and must do our health professionals more. I agree that the artist’s names traveled far in the world because of the arts they created. As a mother of an artistic kid, I understand how they have to go through a lot of hard training to get there.

Gladly, the pandemic stayed longer than many people realized and appreciated our artists in every kind. All their work helps us mentally sane being stock at home. I wonder what we should do inside the house for many days without any joyful music to hear? A great artwork to stare at our wall? A great lyrics to sing? A great movie to watch, and all of the different arts we can find within our home that helps entertain our eyes and ears when we’re in lockdown?!

Not only us who are stuck at home who get to enjoy the work of our artists too it includes our medical professional. It relaxes them and soothes them to hear those beats.  Music helps our mental health as it relieves our spirit and gives us the energy to dance with the beat.

What Have We Learned During Covid Season? Are Their Any Lessons?



The year 2020 is a hard year for all of us, especially our young children. A lot of freedom is taken to them especially seeing their friends and playing outside with neighbors. It’s emotionally draining us all, not only the adults but to our kids too.

But through this pandemic, we learned that despite how bad the situation around the world. God is still there for us. There are still many kind people who step up to help others in need, whether financial or in service.

This pandemic is a reminder that all of us have our own strengths, and God makes us different for us to help each other and do the task that God wanted us to do while we borrowed this life.

Every profession has its own purpose, and there’s no need to degrade one another; instead, respect each other’s calling and do what we have to do following God’s leads. If you like to read more about Covid 19, another link is COVID-19: How Can We Live An Everyday Legacy During This Pandemic?


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    March 7, 2021

    I absolutely agre! The pandemic has surely taught us lessons in life. Resilience, hope, and faith made me move forward despite the challenges. And we can only pray that things will get better!

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      March 18, 2021

      True to everything you say here.


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