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US Citizenship Through Naturalization For Immigrants

March 1, 2019
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US Citizenship will take an average five years of residency if you base it to the number of years you live here. Married to a US citizen will take you total three years to live in America to be able to apply for citizenship.
 Do you know that you can process and or apply your document online now? Is it safe and fast to do it online? In every State, there is an application center where you can pass your documents. Yes, it is way quicker and easier to do it online, but you need to have a computer and scanner. So you can scan all your important documents.
For mine, we did everything online, and it took me one week to get the noticed informing me that they received it. I’ve been here in America for almost 12 years now, and my green card will expire in the year 2020. I applied end of October 2018, and I got noticed to have my biometric on November 27, 2018. It takes 1-hour drive from Rochester to Buffalo as their immigration office is in Buffalo.
US Citizenship

Me in front of the Federal Building

We arrived very early as my appointment is at 8:00 am on a Black Friday. We’re lining up in the room near the entrance when they started calling us. It was very crowded as the place is tiny and only one is in charge of receiving the documents and giving us numbers. It takes me around 15- 25 minutes of waiting for my fingerprint. I’m lucky that the man-in-charge to provide the numbers decided to help the woman who does the fingerprinting. Behind me, more people are waiting as their stock in there.
Two weeks after my Biometric, I received the notice for my interview dated January 23, 2019. They only gave me three weeks to study after the Biometric appointment. I recommend you to review in advance even before you pass your application. In case, your situation will be faster than mine or the same as mine. They give you the study book right after your Biometric, but you can study online visit the website USCIS. GOV and find the practice test or the flashcard type.
US Citizenship with Family

My Family During My Oath Taking

For the Biometric Process:
Make sure to bring your appointment noticed paper, your green card, and passport. The Security Officer will be looking for it once you enter the building. When you lined up, they will make sure it is you who are applying for citizenship. They’ll give you a number to line up for the fingerprinting inside and after that, and it’s ok to go home. That’s simple? Yup!
Interview Process:
The officer who’s in charge to interview you will be the one to get you in the waiting area. They’ll request you to remain standing when you get in the room. He will ask you to pledge to answer everything then you can sit down. For the English reading test, the interviewer will ask you to read the one-sentence they’ll give you. For the writing, they already have the sentence they ask you to copy it. It’s simple and easy because all you have to do is follow what’s in there. For the civic test, as long as you study the Citizenship booklet, they’ll give you. It will be so easy for you to answer the question they will throw at you.
Out of 100, you study they will ask you up to ten questions. You are only allowed to have four mistakes out of the ten questions. In my case, I answered the first six questions right. Then, the officer told me Congratulations you passed the interview. Even if you already passed the interview, they will review your application paper. They will read it to you one by one, and you have to answer the yes or no and if no then you have to explain it further why? Even after the interview, you still have to pay attention to what the officer will ask you. This matter is still relevant and sensitive for the government to know where you stand.
Make sure all your information for the in and out of the country is right because they are paying attention to it and will ask you too many specific questions. What’s the reason for your travel? Why you stayed longer? Who is with you during that time?. He asked me many times if I was working in the Philippines during my stay there for a few months. I replied, no it’s hard to find a job in the short period, and it won’t be easy for me as I have my small kids with me. I intend to visit my family and friends. Make sure you have to know the US laws first if you are traveling related to your work. He asked me many times in this matter.
US Flag

My daughter Keira raising the US Flag! Very happy and proud for mommy

Oath Taking Day:
  • It took us 30 minutes to get there including finding parking. I did my oath-taking in the Federal Building in the city of Rochester New York. It is hard to find parking if you aren’t familiar with the place, but there is one parking attached to the building. It is tricky to know that it’s there parking and the entrance is on the other side of the street. Once you are parked, you can exit one of their exit doors, and it is in the backside of the Federal Building. You don’t have to walk further as I thought when we tried to park our car.
  • We entered the main entrance in the building where we have to undergo security. It’s easy its the same procedure at the airport, and you have to show your ID. After the security screen, we did walk going to the left side where the elevator is so that we can go to the second floor.
  • I am quite surprised when we arrived because it is a weekday and too many people are doing there Oath Taking. The applicants lined up to get to the office where she checked and took our paper noticed and received my green card. She then gave me to another person where he showed my certificate. Making sure everything is correct.
  • The room was full but glad we all fit in. The personnel explained to us how we could travel with our passports. How important the certificate that we need to keep it in a safe place.
  • They gave us pamphlets on what to do and how to care for the American Flag. They also gave us the registration to vote which I find it sweet. At least we don’t have to try to research and figure out where to do it. Finally, I can cast my vote and be part of the voice being an ordinary citizen in this country.
  • Then the judge came and read to us how America is thankful to the immigrants who bring and make America great. She named a few people who are great leaders to our country.
  • We then took our oath-taking and get our certificate. I was one of the first names that got called first. I got lucky as my name is in A’s, but it doesn’t make a difference as we all have to wait, everyone.
  • They allowed us to take pictures during the ceremony and they are patient about it. You can take photos with the judge then you can ask your family to come. They are happy to be part of it.
  • Right after the ceremony when you go out the courtroom there is a bathroom at the whole way next to it is an exit door. We exited and went downstairs. It took us right to the side of the Federal building. Where it connects to the parking lot which I find it sweet, I don’t have to walk further. We only paid $2 for 3 hours.


Disclaimer: My blog contained my own opinion and based on my own experiences during the process to give an example of how it goes.  But it doesn’t mean we have the same procedure and undergo the same questions. If you have more questions, please call the USCIS centers and or visit their website.



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