Dubai: Best Things To Do With Kids

Dubai: Best Things To See And Do In Dubai With Kids

August 5, 2019
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Dubai is a land of tall skyscrapers, sleepy towns, pristine beaches, vast deserts, and technological advancements. This city of glamor and glitz is also the land of fun. The city of Dubai has many things to do and see when you visit with your family.


Oli Oli

Oli Oli

Oli Oli is a fresh concept based on a range of interactive and inventive activities for children. Aimed to engage children from 2 to 11-year-old. This sprawling theme park in Al Quoz is divided into eight different galleries. The highlight here is Toshi’s Net, which is a colorful hanging play area designed by a Japanese artist. Other fun activities include cannonballs launching in the Water Gallery and creative lab. You can also avail birthday packages here.


Aquaventure Waterpark Dubai

Aquaventure Waterpark

Adrenaline rush pumping through your blood is a guarantee here in Aquaventure Waterpark for both kids and adults. Check out the thrilling rides here one of which plummets you into a tube and take you through shark-infested waters. Kids can burn the sugar rush in them by cooling off in the tamer rides and children’s splasher play area. After all the thrilling rides if you need a calmer ride to cool off, enjoy along the Palm’s tranquil waterways. You can also relax and rejuvenate by catching a spot of sun on the private beach. A visit to the Aquaventure park is one of the best things to do and see in Dubai.


Kid Zania


This ultimate kid zone of fun is inside The Dubai Mall. Kids here can have an adult experience scaled down in size. Kidzania is an edutainment complex where kids play and experience what it is to be an adult. Kids here need to take up jobs such as fireman, doctors, chefs, radio-show hosts, pilots, or even perfumers to create their scents. Kids here get paid Kidzania money for their services. The space center here is the highlight. Resembling a real-life space center, children here can learn about astronauts and the world with the help of
simulated attractions and virtual reality.



Dolphin Bay

You can connect with nature’s friendliest mammals the dolphins at Dolphin Bay in Atlantis Palm. People of all ages are encouraged to interact with these dolphins. Dolphin Bay is the most sophisticated dolphin habitat in the world to educate visitors about the importance of preserving their natural habitats. You’ll be surprised to know that your kids will have made new friends at the end of the day.


Image World

IMG World of Adventure

IMG World Dubai, one of Dubai’s newest and most exciting theme parks, will bring smiles on your child’s face. With over the size of 28 football fields, characters from Powerpuff girls and Jurrasic Park bring to life in this world of fun. A day at IMG World Dubai will make it a memorable vacation for your family.


Bounce Dubai: Best Things To Do With Kids

Bounce Dubai

Bounce Dubai is the city’s playtime favorite with over 100 connected trampolines. In this challenging fun place, children can jump and somersault at Mini Bounce while older kids can perform dunks and perform tricks and bounce off the wall. After all the bouncing and burning, even adults will have a sound sleep like kids.


Wild Wadi Water Park

Wild Wadi Waterpark

With over 30 attractions at Wild Wadi Waterpark Slip and slide your way. Take jump down the gravity-defying slides or ride a water roller coaster. After all the adrenaline-pumping fun, you can also float and glide down the lazy river and soak in the stunning view of the Burj Al Arab. Young kids can enjoy in an area dedicated to kids with climbing frames, small slides, and dumping buckets for all the fun.


Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Explore the largest suspended aquarium in the world at Dubai Mall. This giant aquarium has 10 million liters of water and houses over 30,000 marine animals. Rising to the third floor in Dubai Mall, it is home to over 140 species of marine life and an extensive collection of sand tiger sharks in the world. The 48-meter tunnel of the aquarium envelopes you from overhead and around. Have a mermaid makeover, and take a glass-bottom tour. You can snorkel and enjoy looking at sharks up close inside the safety of the cage and seeing the sharks and rays swimming overhead. If you are of the adventure type, you can rent an oxygen tank and go swimming with the sharks.


Motiongate Dubai

Dubai Parks and Resorts

Parks and Resorts are vast, with three theme parks and a waterpark in it. Adults and children alike can enjoy the fantastic array of activities in Motiongate, Bollywood Park, and Legoland. While Motiongate Dubai shows themed areas based on Dreamworlds Animation, Columbia Pictures, The Smurfs and Lionsgate, you can enjoy all the fun in Legoland Dubai. Enjoy in dining boulevard or rest in Riverland entertainment for dynamic fun. Stay at Lapita the Polynesian styled luxury hotel located right in the park.

In visiting Dubai, it is essential to know the Do’s and Don’ts of the country before your travel. Below are the lists of the Do’s and Don’ts in the country.


Do’s and Don’ts in Dubai

• Dress sensibly and respectfully. While women are advised to wear loose-fitting clothes
and skirts that drop till knee, men are encouraged to wear jeans, trousers and full sleeve tops.
• Take taxis directly from hotel or night clubs. Drinking and being intoxicated in public is an
offense. It will only take one person to report that you are drunk and causing a public nuisance to get you into trouble.
• If you visit someone’s home, do remove your shoes.
• Check timings in advance before you reach a venue for shopping or entertainment.
• Be careful while crossing roads. Crossroads only in pedestrian crossing else you will be knocked down by a speeding vehicle.
• Don’t insult Emiratis with your behavior, or it may have serious consequences, from fines to imprisonment.
• Public display of affection ( PDA ) isn’t allowed in public. But holding hands is ok but other than that it’s not acceptable.
• It’s not allowed to take photographs of government buildings.
• Don’t take drugs.
• No drinking or eating in public during Ramadan Holidays.

As a whole country, this is a fun-filled city and an excellent destination for the entire family to visit. There is something for everyone in this
city. If you like to read more about Dubai and check Neha Singh click here.


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    August 5, 2019

    Dubai can be so fun for kids! What about the Green planet as an option as well. Thanks for sharing!

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      August 6, 2019

      So true! Thank you

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    August 6, 2019

    Loved this guide about things to do with kids in Dubai – I know that my kids would love to visit Wild Wadi Waterpark and Oli Oli. I’m sure I’ll refer to this guide when we plan a visit to Dubai. Thanks for sharing.

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      August 6, 2019

      Me Too! All the lists here are awesome and I’m sure all the kids would love to see them.

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    August 6, 2019

    I love the fact that Dubai has so much to offer. Thanks for highlighting these places

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      August 6, 2019

      You’re welcome! I’m so glad Neha wrote it for all of us!

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    Nitin Singhal

    August 6, 2019

    Dubai is a wonderful to spend with family. There are so many family friendly activities that people of all age group can enjoy and also drain your bank account at the same time ????

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      August 6, 2019

      Haha, thanks for the laugh Nitin! Money is equal to happiness still as we can’t travel without money. hahaha

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    August 6, 2019

    This would be an awesome trip. Definitely on my bucket list!

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      August 7, 2019

      Yay! It would be with all these lists you can’t go wrong in having fun during your visit in Dubai.

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    Mirela | The Travel Bunny

    August 6, 2019

    I’ve always thought of Dubai as a posh adult destination. I’m pleasantly surprised to discover all the things Dubai has to offer for the little ones. I think Oli Oli is my favorite!

  7. Reply

    Josy A

    August 6, 2019

    Oooh I bet the kids loved the waterpark with the heat of Dubai! 🙂

    Oli Oli sounds fun for kids, but Bounce Dubai sounds fun for everyone! Even us big kids might like to bounce around on 100 trampolines!

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      August 7, 2019

      I agree with you!

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    August 7, 2019

    Oli oli looks like real fun ! I love water theme parks too ! The dos and donts list is definitely helpful especially for me who has never visited Dubai before. Thanks !

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      August 7, 2019

      Yes, the same here that’s why I made sure to ask Neha if she can include it for the readers to be aware of it! Thank you.

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    August 7, 2019

    I don’t have any kids myself but would still totally love to check out Dolphin Bay and Bounce Dubai. I love that you included some do’s and don’ts too. Will definitely have to keep in mind about checking timings in advance as that’s something I always forget about!

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      August 8, 2019

      Thank you, it is a guest post from Neha Singh and I made sure she will include it so it is easier for the first time in Dubai to know the basic rules and laws.

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    Relaxed Male

    August 18, 2019

    I figured there was a lot to do in Dubai. But really thought it would be a bit more stuffy. Yet they seem to have a lot of really fun things to do.

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      August 19, 2019

      True, I am surprised how plenty of activities they have for families with smaller kids!

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    March 14, 2020

    yes definitely after seeing your blog i must take it in my bucket list.


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