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Palawan Is One Of The Romantic Places In The Philippines

February 14, 2019
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Twin Beach

Our hearts belong to Nacpan Beach.

It is one of the best islands in the world. It has incredibly clear water, white beaches, many species of flora and fauna with many species of tropical fish and corals. Also, are present five species of endangered sea turtles. Palawan is home to the jungle with 100 different species of birds — surrounded by limestone cliffs.

I love how the government and the local control the visitors and protect the environment. Despite the changes, and the tourists flock the area.

Now that they have more flights from other major cities going to Puerto Princessa. It’s easier for tourists to travel around the area where there are only a few flight schedule.

I’ve been to Palawan when I was 22 years old, then I went back after three years, and the last one is after seven years. Through those years, I am amazed by the local citizens on how they preserved the natural habitat. We still enjoy the good things in this place. This island is consists of many little islands around it. You have many choices on where to go from West to North. Read more about Palawan Island here.


Puerto Princessa

Puerto Princessa is the city center of Palawan where most of the flights from other major cities land. As I remember it was a small airport. We stayed at one of the affordable places that have a vast pool area. They have lots of choices for accommodation in Puerto Princessa. I find it very good for what we pay it is 10-15 minutes away from the city center.

You can see things to do here, but if you prefer beaches, then you have to travel farther to have it. One of the Wonders In The World the Underground River is a few hours away from the mainland of Puerto Princessa. You can see more attractions along the way going there and going back to Puerto Princessa. I have to warn that it is a bumpy and dusty road.

There are many flight schedule from Manila, Clark (Pampanga), Cebu, Bohol, Iloilo, and Davao.

How To Get To Puerto Princessa Palawan?


Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, and AirAsia are flying between Manila and Puerto Princesa. You can find a fare as low as PHP 1,499, and it’s around USD 30, one way if you book your trip ahead of time. It can go lower during seat sale and travel mart.


Philippine Airlines have a couple of trip from Clark Pampanga to Puerto Princessa Palawan. The regular fare is around this amount PHP 2,343, and it is about USD 46, but if you book ahead, you can get a much better deal. You can also see a drop in the price during seat sale and travel fare mart.


Philippine Airlines have flights now from Iloilo to Puerto Princessa. As mentioned above you can expect the price drop for fare sale and during travel mart. If you also book your plane tickets ahead of time, you might catch a great deal. The regular lowest fare is around PHP 4,000, and it’s around USD 79.


Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, and AirAsia have flights going to Puerto Princessa. Direct flights can go as low as PHP 1,715, and it’s about USD 34. Always book your flights in advance and or look for a fare sale to get a cheap flight.


Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, and AirAsia have direct flights going to Puerto Princessa. The lowest price you can get is around PHP 3, 210.20 and it’s about USD 64. Always book your flights in advance or try to check when is the best time to buy a plane ticket.


Cebu Pacific and AirAsia have direct flights to Puerto Princesa from Davao. The regular fare can go as low as PHP 1,499, and it’s about USD 36 if you book about a month ahead and depends if you can find a sale.

Ferry Boat:

The 2Go ferry travels between Puerto Princesa and Manila.


Ten Places To See In Puerto Princessa Palawan:
  • Puerto Princessa City Baywalk Park
  • Palawan Butterfly Ecological Garden
  • Firefly Watching
  • Ugong Rock
  • Underground River Tour
  • Honday Bay
  • Cowrie Island
  • Sabang Beach
  • Nagtabon Beach
  • Tubattaha Reef
El Nido
Secret Lagoon

Kayaking in Secret Lagoon

El Nido is my husband, and I favorite place to visit while we will be in the Philippines. This place is magical wonders, and the limestone cliffs are magnificent. It’s beautiful, relaxing and a paradise.

You can reach here by riding a bus, van and or airlines from Puerto Princessa. Busses and vans run every couple of hours, so it is easier for the tourists to hop on them and reach the area.

There is a chartered flight available from Manila to El Nido, but the seats are minimal. Will be worth considering as this is a great option especially if you travel from Manila.

The terminal of this chartered flight is in a different location because a private owner owns it. It is nearby Manila Domestic Airport, but I do not recommend you to walk it. It looks near, but it’s a pain to walk there carrying your heavy luggage which is my big mistake before. If you can get a taxi or arrange for someone to pick you up from here, it would be great.

There are more houses, stores and shopping area now compared to 14 years ago. The vibe of the place changes so much that it is more touristy than it used to be. I can still guarantee that this place is still a gem. The natural habitat and the corals are spectacular. It is a perfect place for a romantic getaway by the beach. Too many islands you can enjoy for yourself and your loved ones. Too many things to do from snorkeling, to island hopping and or kayaking. Read more on how to get to El Nido.

Ten Places To See In El Nido:
  • Small Lagoon
  • Big Lagoon
  • Nacpan Beach
  • Las Cabanas Beach
  • Snake Island ( Vigan Island )
  • Marimegmeg Beach
  • Secret Lagoon
  • Hidden Beach
  • Seven Cumando Island
  • Dilumacad Island
How To Get To El Nido Palawan?

Airswift is a chartered flight. That has a couple of flight between Manila, Cebu, Bohol, Coron, and Caticlan. It will take you at least 1 hour and 30 minutes from Manila to El Nido. It will cost you around P 7, 000- P 9, 000 and it’s about $134- $173 per person.

By Land:

You can ride a bus from Puerto Princessa to El Nido. Moreover, the travel time is approximately 6-7 hours, and the van will only take you 5 hours of travel. The trailer will cost you between P 500- P 600, and it’s about $10- $12 per person per trip. The bus fares can vary because it depends on the Bus companies. If it’s non-airconditioned or airconditioned. The non-air-conditioned bus fare is between P 290- 380 pesos it’s about $6- $8. While the airconditioned bus fare price is around P 480 and it’s about $10.


I love seeing the pictures of this gem, but I want to be honest that I never been there yet. I was able to read and know this place because I tried to connect this to our itinerary. However, I have to cross my list because of the amount of travel. You need to have at least five days total time to travel and enjoy this place. For us, we don’t have enough time left to go here, so I had to cross it on our list.

Coron is a town on Busuanga Island, about 3.5 hours by boat ride north of El Nido. It’s a part of the Palawan region, but a separate island. There is a Coron Island where it is only 30 minutes away by boat. I find Coron Island to be like El Nido where it is a little harder to reach and farther from Puerto Princessa.

Coron is a real diving destination with diving or snorkeling as its main attraction. However, there are still exciting things to do around.


Ten Places To See In Coron:
  • Kayangan Lake
  • Twin Lagoon
  • Malcapuya Island
  • Mt. Tapyas
  • Barracuda Lake
  • Coron Bay
  • Sunken Japanese Wrecks
  • Bulog Island
  • Coral Garden
  • Maquinit Hot Spring
How to get to Coron, Palawan?

You can take Cebu Pacific Air, Zest Air, Skyjet, Airswift, and PAL Express. These airlines have direct flights from other major cities in the Philippines. They also have a direct trip from El Nido and Puerto Princessa. From Busuanga airport, you take a jeepney for about one hour to reach Coron Town. The ride cost about P 150, and it’s about USD 3 per person.

Ferry Boat:

From Manila, you can take the Superferry and 2Go. You can check their schedule on how many times a day they will travel to Coron and vice versa. There is also a ferry service going to Coron from Elnido Palawan by Montenegro Lines.

Palawan captures our heart and our favorite place to come and visit in the Philippines. The beautiful natural resources and beautiful living corals are the best. Read more about the Philippines

This place isn’t too crowded like Boracay, and I entice everyone to come and visit this place. To experience how magical the beaches here and relax away from the busy regular life. Not every Filipino can afford to go and see this hidden gem in our country. I find these foreigners lucky to be able to enjoy this place.


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