April Key Rode

Rode April Key

Writer and Founder

graduate of Bachelor in Hospitality and Tourism Management at the University of San Jose Recoletos. I used to work in the Department of Foreign Affairs in the Finance Department and under the Administrative Department. Before coming here in the USA, I used to work as a Sales Agent in a Korean Company. A sales company of Plantation Bay Resort, a 5-star hotel in Mactan Cebu. I got to work in an I.T. company as a Content Editor for two years here in the USA, but due to the demand of time, I decided to quit and build Rodes On The Road instead last 2015. One of the researchers in Tabuelan who successfully finished the project entitled Tabuelan: “As An Eco-Tourism Destination.”

I am the one who foresees the overall structure of the company and manages it in which direction the company is going. In- charge of the sales and marketing and the services, the company will offer to the readers and followers.

Karen Rode

Rode Karen

Writer /Author and Editor

Karen graduated from Whitworth College in Spokane, Washington with a degree in education and went to teach in the public school, homeschool her own eleven children, and teach in a Montessori school. Now retired, Karen spends her time reading, writing, editing, traveling and enjoying her sixteen grandchildren. Karen has traveled to Mexico, Israel (twice), Greece, Italy, the Philippines, Ireland, and Wales as well as crisscrossed the United States several times.” The author of  Out Of My Heart and Into His.

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