Traveling With Your Siblings: The Pros and Cons In Traveling With Them

April 13, 2019

Why It’s Beneficial To Travel With Siblings? I like to tackle this topic this week in honor of our National Siblings Day. Have you traveled with your siblings? How old are you when you start traveling with your siblings? If you didn’t do it yet, are you thinking of doing it? In this article, I will tackle the advantage and disadvantages of traveling with your siblings and what you need to know before planning the trip.

My sister and I started walking up to 3 kilometers long two times a day by ourselves for 2-3 months at the age of nine and ten years old. We hitchhike and learn to trusts strangers sometimes to get to our destination faster. We used to hitchhike since we were little as we sometimes do it when we’re young with our mother. Then, we started traveling and riding the bus together when we were 12 and 13 years old to visit in Tabuelan. It took 6 hours or more during that old-time as the road isn’t that great and it’s dusty. We then went to Luzon together when we’re adults and already have our careers. The following listed below are the advantages and disadvantages of traveling with them.


Enjoying the beach


What are the advantages of traveling with your siblings?
  • Without the presence of your parents, you get to spend time with them.
  • You’ve got to know each other’s weaknesses and strengths. Then you learn who will be in charge of doing particular stuff if needed.
  • You got to do fun moments without the interruption of an adult or an elder.
  • You will discover their crazy sides. You got to do your crazy sides together.
  • If you both have the same gender, it’s easy to travel with them as you can borrow each other accessories.
  • In traveling with siblings, you know you all have each other back no matter what happened.
  • It will make your bond stronger no matter how you fought for something you got to learn to communicate and disregard the misunderstandings and solve the problems that need to be addressed.
  • It feels like home when you got to share rooms with them.
  • You can easily barrow each other money if someone is short.
  • They’ll surely protect you from harm if needed.
  • Traveling with them it makes you grow to be responsible and wiser with your decision in everything you make in case there is a problem without the presence of an adult.
  • It makes you and your siblings be a quick thinker, strategic, and great problem solvers, especially when you’re in the moments that you need to think faster to take action in a particular situation.


What are the disadvantages of traveling with your siblings?
  • One of you has more instincts than the other, so the one who has that gift has the pressure, especially when you’re trying to protect them, and they won’t understand what you were saying until it will happen.
  • When you are so close together, if one of you is a spender, they can easily borrow and or they will ask you to buy something for them that they like. Hahaha
  • You’ll end up following them, especially if you are the eldest, as you have to make sure they are safe.
  • As a Filipino and with our cultural tradition, it is the responsibility of the eldest child to look after their younger siblings. So the worries are real.
  • If you have to walk farther, you’ll end up carrying the two backpacks, especially if the other one refused to do it.
  • When one of you is particular with time, and the other one doesn’t care much about it. You’ll end up waiting forever. It can be annoying!
  • If you’re traveling with a toddler sibling and you’re the eldest, you’ll end up like babysitting as the youngest can be running anywhere. Whatever happens, it is your responsibility to do it as your the one in charge.

As I listed and mentioned above, you can see that the advantage of traveling with your siblings outweighs the disadvantages. It is beneficial for siblings to go together as it strengthens the relationship, and you know them better the good and the bad. You learn to adjust and make up the next time you’re together.

Now that we’re adults and married, we got to travel with our own family. It’s an excellent benefit for the kids to form close bonds while they’re younger, as you know, everything starts when you’re young.


New Jersey for our birthday celebration

How is it traveling with your siblings with their own families?
  • You got to know each other families, their husband, and children.
  • Siblings can spend time together while the spouse got to bond with their kids as well.
  • The kids got to know their uncles and aunties.
  • They got to play and spend time with their cousins.
  • You were able to create the memories you used to share before you had children.
  • Other benefits in doing this go back to the lists above the advantages of traveling with siblings.
  • You’ve got to know your siblings, especially when you live farther for so many years. Life experiences teach us different lessons, and we act differently even if we were siblings. Time change and people change, so its good to have that trip and get to know them again.
siblings and family

With my sister and her own family

Things need to remember when traveling with extended family members.
  • Everyone has a different personality, so it means the description of danger and safety is at a different level. Each one of you has different perceptions and ideas about when to be cautious and when to just let your kids be kids.
  • Some are overly protective, and some are not. Some are too tight, and some are too loose. You’ll never know.
  • Make sure you pay attention to your kids all the time. In that way, if something happens, you know what happened, and you take precautions in your child.
  • Be sure to remind your kids to attend their toys as not everyone is entitled to share their own. So be sure to pack your kids’ favorite toys in case if the other one won’t share. To avoid misunderstanding and dramas to other family members.



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    April 13, 2019

    i couldn’t agree more!

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      April 13, 2019

      Thanks for reading ate June. I’m glad you agree with these lists!

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    April 14, 2019

    It’s a blessing to have siblings and it’s an even greater blessing to travel and have such amazing experiences together. Great post!

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      April 19, 2019

      So true one of the gift we can have! Thank you for reading.

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    May 28, 2019

    This is a great read! I think the pros and benefits definitely outweigh any cons there are. Brings the family so much closer together.

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    July 18, 2019

    Love this post! Traveling with siblings is so rewarding and such a great experience!

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      July 19, 2019

      So true!

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    November 20, 2019

    I love traveling with my brother! We call our trips together Sibling Shenanigans 🙂 We recently just met up in Italy to hang out for a day.

    Traveling with a sibling is such a great bonding experience, even if you may get on each others nerves sometimes or hit a few bumps along the way. I’m so glad I have the chance to travel with my brother!

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      November 20, 2019

      I hope my kids will do the same, Paige. Yes, it is a blessing to be able to travel with our siblings. It’s a great bonding!


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